New Project: Seraphi!

I started working on a new project for my portfolio (yes, already) using an old story I had in high school. I totally changed the story because it sucked and made no sense when I came up with it :).

It's called Seraphi. I'm still doing a lot of early development, some of which I have posted here. I added a bit more comic book style to the characters.
The story is about this boy (unnamed) who finds the queen larva of these bugs called Nymphs that live in a giant tree that "seems to reach the heavens". He names her Seraphi and decides to build a flying machine so he can return her to the Nymphs' nest.

The unnamed boy character with Seraphi biting his fist.

Seraphi as a larva and more grown up. It's hard to design something that looks human, but is still bug-like X__X.

Cabin built under the giant tree. They're supposed to live here....in recluse! I'm still working on that cabin design.

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