Moving to a new blog!!

Hey guys, I'm moving my blog to tumblr! Click the link to go there:


Snobby in Sunglasses

Little doodle of myself :).


Behind the Dressing Room Door

I was at Bloomingdale's today and this tall Russian lady was helping me. She came to check on me in the dressing room many times, and this was basically what I was doing behind the door. Hahahaha.


A Town of Fables

Finished this about a week ago or so.

Trying to solidify a look for Fabletown in my story. I don't think I've ever done an aerial painting before.
I feel like I'm getting slower at painting....or maybe it's the details I keep adding.


Carry Me!!!! WHEEEE!!!!!!

A little doodle from a moment of my day. Heels and rocks do not mix! So you get a guy to carry you over the rocks :).


Madly in Love with Hats

I found these two super cute hats at the mall yesterday. One had little cat ears on the top and the other was a beret studded with spikes. I was so very tempted to get that beret.

Also sporting my new lipstick here! :)


Scarlet's House in Maya

I've been teaching myself Maya for the past few months since I started working at EA. Here's my first 3D model of something I designed! This is Scarlet's house (or rather her grandma's) front and back view.

The sense of accomplishment from this is very satisfying!