I will miss Nick VWG!

So this summer I had the amazing opportunity to intern at Nickelodeon Virtual Worlds Group. I was one of the art interns working on artwork for Neopets (yes, I said Neopets, for those of you chuckling!).
Today was my last day and I had to say goodbye to a lot of great people I met. Going to miss this place dearly!

I went around the office and handed out thank you cards and cookies to the people I met (like little red riding hood, minus the skipping). Here's 3 of the fanciest ones I made. They were for my supervisor and the two lead artists.

Yes, I had to break out the exacto knife.

And my work badge with no ID picture :). I will miss this thing and the way it beeps when it's swiped.

Because I was lazy all summer, I didn't post up my internship work. So here's a few I did in the beginning. They're all 80x80 item creations except for the last one which is a Neopian Times illustration. Everything was done on Flash.

I will post more later!


Ventura BLVD said...

That card with the guitar and headphones is awesome!

Ivan Mendoza said...

sigh... UGH! :P good stuff like always! one day i'll be better than you! just 1 day...

Jocelyn Liang said...

Thanks, Jon :D.

Ivan, you're already better than me! :(