Thumpers and Hair!

Here's some stuff from Inventive Drawing. It's a fun class and I'm learning to draw cartoons!
I'm no good at drawing Thumper. Most of them don't even look like Thumper! I guess one reason is because I'm still new at this cartoony Disney-esque style.
The hairstyle assignment is my favorite so far. I went through my old Seventeen and Cosmogirl magazines for different hairstyles. Some of the characters look like my classmates by accident.


Curious Mind said...

That one guy on the second page looks a lot like that guy who's famous for saying "Fierce!"

Ramen Lunei said...


Mauricio said...

I think your thumpers are cool. And they DO look like thumper. By the way, random fact - I was the one who gave Will the hairstyle assignment because we would draw and design heads but not pay attention to how the hairstyle could affect the personality. I laugh everytime I see people do it now. Hope you enjoyed it, though.

Jocelyn Liang said...

Thanks, Mauricio!
I quite liked the hairstyle assignment :D. I did a lot better on it than the heads he assigned.
I always hear people talk about you making suggestions! They seem to invoke change for the better though. Props to you!