Materials for Art & Design

My fingers are still intact after this class, but I think I'm going to die from all the toxic fumes I inhaled.

Below are two of the projects I did for the class. First one is my plaster form where we cut up a block of plaster into something abstract, then make a wood form to go with it. My classmate thought my piece looked like a peacock.

Second piece is a Cocopeach! It's a hybrid fruit of a coconut and a peach. I think lots of people saw me working on it in the classroom. Everyone thought my four bronze peach pits were really trippy. The whole piece is so freaking pink! I swear I'm not that feminine...it just came out that way. I'm really happy with the way it turned out though.

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Curious Mind said...

Jocelini Linguini Hola it's Dunelle! I have a blog too albeit it's not really anything but my nonsense. Nice cocopeach!